20 Useful Notion Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

20 Notion Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

HAY, how art you? Notion has been an absolute lifesaver in terms of helping me organise my life – be it work or personal matters, all in one productivity app. Since I spend a lot of time in Notion daily, using keyboard shortcuts has saved me tons of time and streamlined the whole planning process. Without further ado, here are 20 useful Notion shortcuts to speed up your workflow. Enjoy, and remember to bookmark this page for later! 


20 Useful Notion Shortcuts (Video)

Before reading on, you can also check out this video to watch a demonstration of these 20 Notion shortcuts:

20 useful Notion Shortcuts

1. Make a to-do block — [ ] (without spacing) + space

2. Create a toggle block — > + space

3. Make a bulleted list block — – + space

4. Insert emojis — : + (emoji description) or /emoji e.g. :smile, :heart, etc

5. Insert a divider — — + space 

6. Make a quote block — ” + space

7. Insert headings 

Heading 1 — # + space

Heading 2 — ## + space

Heading 3 — ### + space

8. Generate a Table of Contents — /toc

9. Format text colour — /(colour) e.g. /blue, /red, /green, etc

10. Format text background colour — /(colour)background e.g. /yellowbackground, /greenbackground, etc

11. Convert text to code — `(text)`e.g. `hello`

12. Create links quickly — First, copy the URL (cmd +c). Highlight text to be hyperlinked and paste (cmd + v). 

13. Create links to other Notion pages — @ or [[

14. Insert bread crumbs (similar to a directory to show where the page is enclosed in) — /bread

15. Bring up recent pages or search — cmd + p

16. Change current block to another block type — /turn (turns this block into another selected format)

17. Duplicate a block — Hold opt key while dragging the block to another location

18. Select current block — esc

19. Navigate to previous page or next page — cmd + [ (previous page), cmd + ] (next page)

20. Open page in new window — hold cmd key while clicking on the link 

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More Notion Ideas

Check out the following video for a free Notion template of a virtual study/work cafe!

You can also check out this article to find out how to customise Notion’s text colour and text background colour using codes. 

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Those are 20 useful Notion shortcuts that have sped up my workflow. I hope you find them useful too!

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20 Notion Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

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