Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Simple MUJI-Inspired Theme for March

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - MUJI Inspired Theme for March

HAY, how art you? For the upcoming month of March, I decided to go for a minimal Muji-inspired theme for my bullet journal setup. If you’re not familiar with Muji, it is a Japanese brand and they carry items ranging from furniture, clothing to stationery. The products from this brand are very minimally designed with good quality, so I’ve been really into Muji products in recent years. I have included the photos of my spreads together with some simple descriptions and instructions, so if you’re interested in this minimal bullet journal setup, keep reading!


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Watch the minimal bullet journal setup process in the following video:

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup – Cover Page

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Cover Page Muji Paper Bag

For the cover page, I made a little paper bag on the left side of the spread and a Muji-inspired tag on the right side. I printed out the Muji logo on kraft paper and trimmed it to a smaller size to fit on the page. For the paper bag handle, I cut a long piece of jute twine and folded it into half before twisting it so that it is slightly thicker.

Before I attached the twine, I used a Tombow dual brush pen in shade 847 to colour in the logo to emulate their classic maroon on kraft paper look. I used the finer tip to outline first before using the brush tip to colour it in.

Once it’s all coloured, I crushed the paper to give it a more worn-out look, and used sticky tape to secure the twine behind. Then, I pasted the paper bag on the page and it was completed. Super simple (but cute)!

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Cover Page Muji Inspired Tag

The above Muji-inspired tag was created digitally and printed out on kraft paper. I think the Arial Narrow font looks the most similar to the Muji font! Some Japanese words were included to mimic the real Muji tag (it simply means March). I used to study Japanese in my school days but honestly, I have forgotten most of the language other than hiragana and katakana, which are kind of like the ABCs of Japanese. Designing this Muji tag was really nostalgic for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. For the “measurements” of March, I typed 31 days and 744 hours. The ingredients are – 30% dream, 20% focus, 40% action and 10% luck (totally random numbers, haha). Lastly, I added a price tag and a bar code to complete the tag. 

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup – Monthly Log

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Monthly Log

To keep the aesthetics consistent, the Monthly Log tag was also created digitally. The Japanese words translate to calendar for March and I also typed “subarashi“, which means wonderful, for a quirky touch. 

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Monthly Log
Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Monthly Log

Besides the Monthly Log tag, I created a longer section for Tasks and Notes on the right of the calendar. For the calendar’s header, I pasted a strip of maroon washi tape (which happens to be from Muji!) and a thinner strip of kraft paper right on top. Using a Sakura pigma micron pen in 05, I drew in the lines for the calendar and filled in the days of the week in Japanese. Lastly, I wrote down all the dates for the calendar with the same pen.

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup – Weekly Spread

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread

For my weekly log, I created 8 sections for tasks and each day of the week. Before pasting the kraft papers, I tore and layered the Muji logo at the corners of the page. I also added a pop of maroon using the same Muji washi tape. The spread was relatively easy to set up since the template was done digitally. After pasting each section of kraft paper on my journal, I filled in the lines with the red Tombow dual brush pen and the weekly spread was completed!

Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread
Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread

More minimal bullet journal setup Ideas

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I hope you found this minimal bujo setup useful. Have fun creating your own spreads!

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Minimal Bullet Journal Setup - MUJI Inspired Theme for March

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