Best Journaling Supplies for Creative Journaling

Best Journaling Supplies for Creative Journaling

HAY, how art you? I’ve been into creative journaling for close to a year now, and it’s been such a fun and fulfilling adventure (fruitful for the soul, draining for the pocket, haha). To celebrate this little milestone (journaling and stationery-hoarding), I made a TikTok-inspired video featuring the best journaling supplies (in my opinion) that have been my companions on this creative journey. Link down below, enjoy


Best Journaling Supplies – Fun Aesthetic Video

Here’s a fun TikTok-inspired video featuring all my favourite journaling supplies, stationery and tools!

Best Journaling Supplies for Creative Journaling

1. Brush Pens

My favourite brush pens are Pentel brush sign pens. Great for lettering and doodling, I sometimes use them as highlighters too. Also, they come in a wide variety of colours which make them versatile for different journal styles. 

For a list of brush pens suitable for beginners, check out this blog article: 

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6 Best Brush Pens for Beginner Calligraphy and Handlettering


2. Micron Pens

Micron pens come in different tip sizes. I love using size 01 and size 05 for doodling and adding fine details, and size 08 for outlining. The Sakura pigma micron pens are a cult favourite. 

3. White Gelly Roll Pens

The Sakura gelly roll pens in white are the best white pens I’ve ever used! The ink is opaque, plus they come in two tip sizes – 01 and 05. I love how white ink looks on kraft paper, and I also enjoy using them for titles and adding doodle accents

4. Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are by now, considered staples in journaling as they come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs. Besides using them as decoration, I sometimes use them to demarcate sections when I’m lazy to draw lines and boxes. 

5. Wooden Stamps

I love anything wooden, so it’s not a surprise that wooden stamps take up a huge part of my stationery collection. Alphabet and number stamps are great for creating neat headings, titles and dates, while other stamps with gorgeous designs are great for adding layers in a spread. 
Check out the following video for 6 tips on using stamps during journaling



6. Printed Craft Papers

A quick way to add colour and design to a journal spread is by using printed craft papers. I love visiting the origami paper section in Daiso to hunt for printed and textured papers with beautiful patterns and designs. These can also be combined with other materials to be used in a collage.

7. Kraft Papers

I find the organic texture kraft paper adds to a spread very charming. Kraft papers are usually affordable and come in different forms – A4 sized, cardstock, kraft tape, etc. Moreover, lots of online retailers use kraft paper as packaging, which means that they can be recycled as journaling supplies at no additional cost. 


8. Stickers

Stickers are great as embellishments and filling up awkward spaces between elements. Additionally, stickers remind me of childhood days – I would collect them in sticker books and use them to decorate everything and anything. It is amazing that this hobby has come full circle now that I’m a full-fledged adult, haha. 


9. Dried Plants

Dried flowers and leaves add texture and interest to a journal spread. It is also a wonderful feeling to collect these tiny pretty things on a nature walk and document them in a journal! They are best paired with kraft paper (in my opinion) to create a calming and organic page.

10. Ribbons, Twine & Threads

Other than dried plants, ribbons, twine and threads are also great choices for adding texture during journaling. These can be recycled from packaging or gifts, or obtained from any craft supply stores. 

11. Long Grid Ruler

I got my long grid ruler from Daiso and it has been such a great help during my journaling process! The grids help with quick measurement and alignment, plus the length of the ruler ensures that I can cover the entire length or width of my notebook at any single time. 

12. Stencils

I wish I had gotten my stencils earlier – they are the perfect tools for neat titles and headings, and drawing shapes and lines. The stencil font has that retro and handmade feel as well, which adds character to journal pages. 

13. Craft Punchers

Craft punchers are absolute lifesavers that allow me to quickly cut shapes from papers, especially hard-to-cut shapes like circles and stars. I guess I won’t have to worry if I ever run out of dot stickers, since I can easily make circles using these handy punchers.

14. Label Maker

My little label maker has been in my possession even before I started journaling regularly. I find the process of making labels using this old-school machine very therapeutic (ASMR clicking sounds). I love the embossed texture and typewriter font on the completed labels too – so retro and nostalgic

More Journaling Ideas

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I hope you enjoyed this article on the best journaling supplies for creative journaling. Have fun exploring these stationery and tools!

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Best Journaling Supplies for Creative Journaling

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