30 Creative Journaling Ideas for When You Feel Uninspired

30 Creative Journaling Ideas for When You Feel Uninspired

HAY! How art you? Creative journaling is a great outlet for expressing your ideas and letting your creativity run wild. Despite knowing that we can create anything and everything under the sun in our creative journal, there are still times when we stare at the blank pages and feel uninspired and unsure of what to create. In this article, I have a list of 30 creative journaling ideas for those moments, and they are grouped in a few categories. Let’s jump right into it!

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Creative Journaling Ideas involving Words

  1. Write a poem
  2. Your favourite word
  3. Dialogue from your favourite movie
  4. Your current favourite quote
  5. Lyrics from your favourite song

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Reflective or Imaginative Entries

  1. A dream you had

  2. Your ideal home or bedroom

  3. Vision board for the next year

  4. Mood board for the month

  5. Rewrite the ending of a story

Creative Journaling Ideas: Fan Art

  1. A poster for your favourite band or singer

  2. Favourite scene from a movie

  3. A Spotify cover art for your favourite song

  4. Portrait of your favourite celebrity

  5. Design a book cover

Creative Journaling Ideas: Materials & Media

  1. Newspapers

  2. Magazines

  3. Kraft paper

  4. Washi tapes

  5. Unwanted receipts

  6. Product packagings

  7. Stationery swatches

  8. Paint like gouache, watercolour or acrylic

  9. Coloured pencils

  10. Oil pastels


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30 Creative Journaling Ideas for When You Feel Uninspired

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