Easy DIY Envelope Craft under 5 Minutes (Free Template)

Easy DIY Envelope Craft under 5 Minutes

HAY, how art you? The world is being digitalised more and more each day. This makes me wonder, will paper envelopes become obsolete one day? There is something precious about the process of sealing a card or letter in an envelope, writing the postage address, affixing the stamp and sending it at the post office. This month, I decided to design a few printable envelope templates. These are smaller in size –  which make them perfect as embellishments on journal spreads, and storing tiny stickers, craft supplies or a secret note-to-self. Scroll down for the download link for this free printable and to read more about this easy DIY envelope craft!


DIY Envelope Craft Template Design Video

Get a glimpse of the design process of these templates in the following vlog video:

DIY Envelope Craft – Supplies You’ll Need

  1. Paper of choice (e.g. cream paper, kraft paper, vellum paper, or simply regular paper)
  2. Printer 
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue (I’m using this glue tape)

DIY Envelope Craft – Easy Steps

DIY Envelope Craft - Step 1

Step 1:

Print out the free templates on paper of your choice. 

DIY Envelope Craft - Step 1

Step 2: 

Cut away the outlines to get the templates. 

DIY Envelope Craft - Step 1

Step 3: 

Fold the four flaps inward with the blank side facing up, and the side with design facing down. 

DIY Envelope Craft - Step 1

Step 4: 

Apply glue along the diagonal edges of one of the triangular section. 

DIY Envelope Craft - Step 5

Step 5: 

Fold the non-triangular sides inward first, and paste the triangular section with glue on them. 

DIY Envelope Craft - Step 6

Step 6: 

Seal the top flap, or leave the envelope unsealed to keep your little trinkets!

DIY Envelope Craft – Four Printable Templates

DIY Envelope Craft - Four Printable Templates

There are four designs in this printable – blank, pressed florals, grid and words of affirmation. This high-resolution PDF file is designed for print on A4-sized paper and include three  envelope sizes

Click the link below to download the printable template:

HAY studio’s Envelope Templates PDF Printable

DIY Envelope Craft - Free Printable
DIY Envelope Craft - Free Printable

More DIY Craft Ideas

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I hope you like this DIY envelope craft. Have fun making your own mini envelopes!

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Easy DIY Envelope Craft under 5 Minutes

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