30 Day Art Challenge - Collage Journaling for 30 Days!

30 Day Art Challenge - Collage Journaling for 30 Days!

HAY, how art you? I started a 30 day art challenge in July by committing to making 30 collages within 30 days. I wanted to experiment with different collage layouts and colour combinations, and of course, to put the stationery I have collected to good use. In this article, I’ll be sharing the full process of this art challenge, as well as tips for completing the challenge with you. I hope you enjoy!


30 Day Art Challenge Video

Check out the following video to watch the full art challenge process!

30 Day Art Challenge – Preparation

30 Day Art Challenge - Preparation

Choice of Notebook

Before starting the challenge, I got the journal that I wanted to use ready. I used a kraft notebook that I DIY-ed. It has 32 pages, which is perfect for the challenge. Check out this video for instructions on how to make your own notebooks!

The Ground Rules for the Challenge 

On the first page of the notebook, I set three ground rules for the challenge:

  1. Complete 30 collages within 30 days.
  2. Do not go more than 2 days without making any collages.
  3. Have fun experimenting with layouts and colours!

Why Ground Rules Are Important

Setting ground rules helps to simplify the process of the challenge and makes the boundaries clear. You can also create a comfortable level of flexibility for yourself to make the challenge feel less daunting. 

Tips for Completing Your Art Challenge

Set a specific time for your art practice

If your art challenge is a daily one, getting it done first thing in the morning might instil a sense of achievement and help to put you in a productive mood for the rest of the day! 

Treat the challenge as a safe space to explore and experiment

Throughout my art challenge, I created pieces that were less than ideal and definitely not *instagram-worthy*. I told myself that these pieces are simply part of my learning process and that I should be proud for keeping up with the challenge despite feeling uninspired or unmotivated. 

Incorporate things that make you excited

I received a wax seal stamp set mid-month, and that got me excited about adding wax seals in my collages. I felt a renewed sense of motivation to forge ahead with the challenge. Keep looking for inspiration both within your chosen art medium and in other fields, and you just might something to refuel your creativity!

Hold yourself accountable

I held myself accountable to complete the challenge by announcing that I’ll be doing a 30 day collage challenge in one of my YouTube vlogs. Once I said it out loud, I had to get it done somehow, right? If going public is not your thing, you can get an art buddy to help you stay accountable, or even to complete the challenge together.

30 Day Art Challenge – Favourite Pieces

Here’s a small photo gallery sharing some of my favourite collages that I made during the 30 days of collage journaling:

30 Days of Collage Journaling
30 Day Art Challenge - Collaging
30 Day Art Challenge - Collaging
30 Days of Collage Journaling
30 Day Art Challenge - Collaging
30 Days of Collage Journaling

More journaling Ideas

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more journaling and creative ideas! Check out these videos for some inspiration:  



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30 Day Art Challenge - Collage Journaling for 30 Days!

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