Simple Art Journal Ideas to Create an Aesthetic Quote Spread

Art Journal Ideas for Aesthetic Quote Spreads

HAY, how art you? A simple quote spread is the go-to whenever I run out of ideas or prompts to journal on. Moreover, scouring through Pinterest for that perfect quote is such an inspiring and calming process. In this short article, I’ll be sharing three simple art journal ideas for making aesthetic quote spreadsKeep reading to know more


Art Journal Ideas – Journal With Me Video

Check out the following chill journal with me video to watch the setup of two simple quote spreads!

Art Journal Ideas – #1: Torn Kraft Paper

Art Journal Ideas for Aesthetic Quote Spreads

Tear kraft paper by hand instead of cutting with scissors for a rustic, handmade look. The uneven edges give vintage vibes and add interest to the spread. You can also replace kraft paper with any other paper you desire! 

Art Journal Ideas – #2: Stamped Words

Instead of writing the quote, use an alphabet stamp set to stamp the words on the page. The font on the stamps determines the overall feel of the spread. For example, my stamps are of a retro typewriter font, which is a good match with the vintage textures and brown colour palette on the page. 

Here are a few stamp sets of various fonts, available on Amazon:

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Art Journal Ideas – #3: Magazine Cutouts

Art Journal Ideas for Aesthetic Quote Spreads

Flip through old magazines for meaningful quotes, or piece together words to form one yourself. I didn’t have any old magazines at home, so I used an IKEA catalogue. I was surprised as there were quite many positive and meaningful words in it! 

More Journaling Ideas

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I hope you enjoyed these art journal ideas. Have fun journaling!

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Simple Art Journal Ideas for an Aesthetic Quote Spread

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