10 Creative Washi Tape Art Projects You Can DIY

10 Creative Washi Tape Art Projects You Can DIY

HAY! How art you? If you opened this article, there is a high chance that you are a washi tape hoarder (like I am). Don’t worry, you are not alone. Washi tapes took the crafting world by storm ever since it was released as a new product in 2008 in Japan. If you are new to washi tapes, they are simply masking tapes made from rice paper, and they have a matte and slightly translucent finish. They also have low adhesiveness, making them versatile for many purposes as they can be removed from most surfaces easily. In this article, I have collated 10 creative washi tape art projects that you can easily DIY. Read on and get creative!


#1 Use washi tape for wall decor

As mentioned in the introduction, washi tape has low adhesiveness, so it peels off from walls easily without damaging the painted surface. Legend has it that it can be reused multiple times and still work. Check out this DIY video where I spruced up my empty wall with a geometric moon design using black washi tape!

#2 Make a custom washi tape sticker

Warning: this project seems rather time-consuming but the results look oh-so-pretty! A perfect project if you are interested in making your own stickers but do not own a sticker machine.

#3 Get girly with washi tape nail stickers

Two words on how to nail a perfect manicure: washi tape.

Disclaimer: expert fine motor skills required.

Credit: @niju_diy

Credit: @cute_crafty_cats

#4 Create a quirky planter with the help of washi tape

Be a responsible plant-mom (or plant-dad) by adorning your planters with some washi tape decorations. Your plant babies will thank YOU!

#5 Have a washi tape party

No need for expensive party buntings with this DIY, as you can create a customised one with your favourite washi tape.

#6 Spruce up gifts with washi tape

Ran out of wrapping paper? Quickly DIY a quirky wrapper using kraft papers and washi tapes!

#7 Plaster up in style

It’s a bummer to get hurt but if it makes you feel better, you get to flaunt a pretty band-aid if you DIY it with some washi tape. 

#8 Give your keyboard a facelift

Even keyboards need a little washi tape lovin’

#9 Paint a geometric art poster

Here’s a really simple project, all you have to do is to paste washi tapes randomly on a paper to create pockets of empty spaces. Then, use paint to cover the entire paper. Once the paint has dried, peel off the washi tapes to reveal your geometric art!

Credit: @letterbystarlight

#10 Create an abstract art piece with washi tape

This project is super easy and kind of therapeutic too. I used plain washi tapes of similar hues to create this cover page for my September bullet journal. 

Check out this video for instructions.


I have always wondered when I will use up all my washi tapes but with these 10 creative washi tape art projects, I might just run out of them much quicker than I thought!

Let me know which project is your favourite and tag me at @hay.studio if you post your project on Instagram.

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10 Creative Washi Tape DIY Projects

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