5 Aesthetic DIY Tag Ideas (Easy Mini Paper Collages)

5 Aesthetic DIY Tag Ideas (Easy Mini Paper Collages)

HAY, how art you? It’s been a while since I embarked on any DIY projects. Recently, I received some stationery from Paperwrld, including a tag punching machine. I was inspired to make some DIY decorative tags with the help of this handy tool. If you’re interested in making your own, keep scrolling for the DIY tag ideas!


DIY Tag Ideas Video

Check out the following video to watch the DIY process video!

Making the Tags

The tag punching machine works like any regular puncher. To start, prepare strips of paper that you would like to use for the tags. The puncher I used can create tags of three different widths – 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 2.5 inches. Then, simply insert the paper and press down to punch. I flipped the puncher over to check if the paper is inserted properly before punching. 

The tag puncher that I got creates a rounded top and a 6mm hole for attaching ribbons or strings. The length of the tag depends on how long the paper strip I used is. I tried it out on kraft paper card stock that is 200 gsm thick, and the blade had no issue producing a clean cut!

DIY Tag Ideas #1

DIY Tag Ideas 1 - Dried Flower

The first DIY tag idea features a little dried flower at the centre. Before attaching it with craft glue, I pasted printed and textured papers at the bottom corner to create some layers. I also stamped on numbers on each tag to serve as additional decoration. 

diy tag ideas #2

DIY Tag Ideas 2 - Oval Window

The second DIY tag idea features a see-through oval window right in the middle of the tag. A piece of music score vellum paper was layered to add a patterned background to the tag. Then, I cut away the oval shape with a cutter, and pasted a transparent film and leaf sticker at the back of the tag. It takes a little effort to cut the window away, but I really love the visual effect of it! To finish off, I added a few other decorations. 

diy tag ideas #3

DIY Tag Ideas 3 - Word Cutouts

The third tag was pretty simple to make! I cut out some words and phrases from a thrifted book page and assembled them together to form a new sentence. The rest of the decoration was kept minimal with a star-printed paper, stamps and gold glitter stars. 

diy tag ideas #4

DIY Tag Ideas 4 - Mini Pocket

The fourth tag looks simple, elegant, and I love its functionality! At the centre is a mini pocket made from vellum paper and decorated with washi tape. Small paper scraps can be kept in the pocket for the next journaling session. However, I wish I had made this for a wider tag as the pocket was really mini and a struggle to make!

diy tag ideas #5

DIY Tag Ideas 5 - Postal Stamp Frame

The fifth and final tag idea is similar to the second tag. This time, instead of a see-through window, I layered a piece of canvas flower-print cloth at the back of the tag. You can always switch it up and use stickers, textured papers or just add a simple doodle.

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More DIY Ideas

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5 Aesthetic DIY Tag Ideas (Easy Mini Paper Collages)

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