Aesthetic and Fun Bangkok Stationery Shops You Must Visit

Aesthetic and Fun Bangkok Stationery Shops You Must Visit

HAY, how art you? Are you visiting Bangkok Thailand anytime soon? In this article, I share four Bangkok stationery shops that are worth a visit. The best part is that these shops are within walking distance of each other so you could definitely drop by them all within half a day or so! Scroll down to read more about these fun Bangkok stationery shops.


Bangkok Stationery Shops Video

Here’s a little vlog of the aesthetic Bangkok stationery shops I visited!

Bangkok Stationery Shops #1 – LOFT

Bangkok Stationery Shops #1 - LOFT

Stationery enthusiasts would not be strangers to LOFT — a lifestyle specialty goods store hailing from Japan. Currently, LOFT has only opened its doors in Japan, Bangkok and Shanghai China. There are two outlets that I know of in Bangkok, the Siam Discovery outlet which I visited, as well as one at ICONSIAM. 

LOFT impressed me with their extensive selection of international brands! They carry products from Leuchtturm1917, Midori, Traveler’s Company, Hobonichi, Suetelier, etc. It was so fun walking around their huge stationery section! Be it fountain pens, washi tapes, stickers or paper goods, there is definitely something for everyone.

Don’t miss out their lifestyle and tech section too as they have a ton of cute merchandise. Best of luck to your wallets… 

Recommended for: International brands, lifestyle goods
Approximate shopping duration: 30 to 45 minutes
Google Maps link: 

Bangkok Stationery Shops #2 – BeTrend

Bangkok Stationery Shops #2 - BeTrend

BeTrend seems to be a local Thai brand offering stationery, art and office supplies, and a wide range of lifestyle and technology goods. I visited the outlet at Siam Paragon, and they also operate at The Emporium, as well as The EmQuartier. 

My first impression of the store is definitely its size — it is humongous! I did not manage to go through the entire store and I mainly hung out at the stationery and craft supplies sections.

This store is definitely great for students and working adults as there is a wide range of affordable school and office supplies. If you take your time to scour through their filled shelves, it is possible to score some unique stickers or notebooks from smaller brands that might not be available elsewhere. 

Recommended for: Affordable stationery, office supplies, art supplies
Approximate shopping duration: 30 to 45 minutes
Google Maps link: 

Bangkok Stationery Shops #3 – 

Daddy and the Muscle Academy

Bangkok Stationery Shops #3 - Daddy and the Muscle Academy

This cute store named Daddy and the Muscle Academy located at Siam Square is a girl magnet! The exterior and cute signboards are too cute to say no to. Don’t you just love how they included “nonsense things” in their offerings? 

When I visited the store during lunch hours, the shop was packed with ladies ooh-ing and aah-ing over the cute merchandise they offer. You can find clothes, stickers (loads of them), keychains, phone covers, accessories, etc, at their filled shelves and displays. 

The items are mostly pastel, glittery and cute. If that is your style, you would definitely go wild here! There is also a photo booth that I did not manage to check out, so I imagine this shop would make a fun destination for a girl’s day out. 

Recommended for: Cute and pastel things, girls’ outing
Approximate shopping duration: 30 minutes (or more if you want try out their photo booth)
Google Maps link:

Bangkok Stationery Shops #4 – Frank Garcon

Bangkok Stationery Shops #4 - Frank Garcon

Located a few units away from Daddy and the Muscle Academy, Frank Garcon sports an eye-catching blue exterior with a bold signboard that screams “FRANK!”. I love the vibes and products of this store! It is a Thai multi-lifestyle store that offers clothing, accessories, paper goods, and even tableware from international and local brands.

Stepping into the shop, you will be greeted by rows of postcards, stickers and little knickknacks in various unique designs. There is also an extensive section of clothes, bags, and caps. The store spans two levels but it is not as big as stores like LOFT and BeTrend. Despite that, it is easy to get lost in the unique offerings of this store as these brands and items might not be as commonly found elsewhere. 

After exercising some self-control, I walked away with some sticker sheets and a tote bag. One thing is for sure, I’ll definitely revisit this little blue shop the next time I’m in Bangkok!

Recommended for: Unique indie brands, lifestyle goods
Approximate shopping duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on whether you like the style of items they offer)
Google Maps link:

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Aesthetic and Fun Bangkok Stationery Shops You Must Visit

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